Home Improvement Projects to Save You Money

Home improvement projects in this economy are all about getting the most bang for your buck. If you had planned a complete overhaul of your entire house and are not looking at a different financial situation, don’t despair. You can still get great home improvement results without breaking the bank. You just need to think about things in a different way and adjust your projects so they make financial sense. The following five home improvements can make a big difference in the look and functioning of your house without putting you in financial despair.

1. Painting the interior

If you had to choose one home improvement project that would make the biggest impact for the smallest amount of money, it has to be paint. Painting the walls in your home can create dramatic change immediately. Whether you are just painting one wall or redoing an entire section of your home, you can transform your place in the span of just a few days. Look to home improvement magazines for ideas and then use a mid-range priced brand of paint for a combination of money savings and durability.

2. Cabinet resurfacing

If you wanted to get new cabinets but have now adjusted your budget, cabinet resurfacing is a great way to go. Since home improvements made in the kitchen always increase your value, you can be sure that any money spent here will be a good investment, even resurfacing. By having a professional resurface the cabinets, you can change the whole look of the kitchen with just one project. The cabinets can be updated with a color or stripped down to the rich wood underneath. For mere dollars, you can swap out old cabinet fixtures with new ones and your transformation will be complete.

3. Painting the trim of your home

Can’t afford to paint the entire exterior of your home? No problem! By painting the small surface area of the trim you can give your home a fresh look for a minimum cost. Although it doesn’t seem like it, painting the trim can have a big visual impact on your home. Having the trim painted by professional contractors can cost less than $1000. In addition to cost savings, painting the trim can give you more flexibility to change colors later on. If you change your mind later on, it will be easy and relatively inexpensive to get a new color.

4. Composite floors

Next to the kitchen, the flooring of your home can have the biggest impact on your resale value. Besides paint, it’s the biggest way you can change the look of the interior of your home. If traditional flooring is out of your price range composite floors can give you a dramatic new look for pennies on the dollar. Visit a home improvement store to look into your options.

5. Clean out your gutters

Although this may not be at the top of most people’s home improvement project list, it’s very important and can save you money in the long run. When your gutters are working properly, they efficiently rout the water away from your home and prevent weather damage to the roof, walls and foundation.

Increasing Traffic to Your Home Business Blog – 6 Essential Tips

Blogging is a very effective method to use for increasing traffic to your home business. Your main goal is to make sales and you cannot accomplish this without getting a lot of traffic, and this can prove difficult sometimes. By making some simple changes to your blog you can greatly improve your chances to make this possible.

One of the main advantages of having a blog is that the search engines love it. This can present a major boost to your traffic if you know how to make use of the resources that it provides. It has some great features that allow it to be more flexible than a regular website and offers an informal approach to marketing online.

Here are 6 essential tips that can increase traffic to your home business blog:

1. Post High Quality Content – Writing and posting high quality content to your blog consistently is very powerful and offers some unique advantages. It provides useful and relevant information to your visitors, and this will interest them and give them good reason to visit again. Fresh and unique content also provides the search engines with the fuel to improve its ranking.

2. Optimize Your Blog – Optimizing your blog for the search engines is very important as this will increase its visibility. People use keywords to search for information and this is why it is important to use your keywords and key phrases in all of your postings, also in the titles, headlines and the URL if possible. All of this go towards improving your ranking in the search engines and this leads to an increase in traffic, optins and sales.

3. Use Email Marketing – As a home business owner your list is your most valuable asset and you should be building it every chance you get. Place an optin form on your blog and offer something as an incentive for visitors to join your list. This will allow you to provide them with more information about your business and to recommend yours offers to them. Whenever you make a new post send the link to your list.

4. Social Book Marking – This is another very powerful method to use in driving traffic to your blog. Gaining a high ranking on some of the most popular book marking sites can really increase your traffic tremendously. Updating your blog with unique content regular will also contribute a lot to this activity.

5. RSS Feed – Having an RSS feed on your blog could also contribute a lot to your traffic increase. People who link to your RSS feed will be getting continuous updates each time you make a new post. Other sites and blogs could also link to yours which will allow more people to have access to your new content and your business.

6. Announcement To Your List – A very effective strategy that you can also use is to send an email to your list whenever you make a new post. Instead of writing a long email you can just send them a link to the post. This creates interest and will also increase the amount of visits that it gets.

Increasing traffic to your home business blog consistently is very important to your success. Every idea or tip that you can get and learn to implement will contribute to this process. Adding the above points to your marketing activities will help in your ability to increase awareness and visibility to your business.